Payment Scheme


Normal Progressive Payment Scheme (NPS) At The INFLORA, a qualified purchaser must make installment payments of the purchase price under the Sales and Purchase agreement in the following manner when a property developer finishes a certain construction phase of the project.


Other Fees Payable:
Al) Stamp Duty —Stamp duty based on 3% of Purchase Price -5400.

A2) Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) W.E.F 12 Jan 2013— This is an additional stamp duty on top of the basic stamp duty. ABSD is only applicable if you are either:
1. A Singapore Citizen – ownership of 2nd property :7% ABSD , ownership of 3rd and subsequent property :10% ABSD

2. A Singapore PR – ownership of 1st property :5% ABSD, ownership of 2nd and subsequent property :10% ABSD

3. A Foreigner – ownership of 1st property (and subsequent) :15% ABSD

B) Legal Fees —Legal fees will be subsidised by bank, usually 0.4% or 0.5% based on loan quantum. “There is absolutely no Agent Fees involved **

Obtaining Mortgage Loan:

Max up to 80% bank loan — if this is the first property purchase, or if you have no outstanding mortgage loan.
Max up to 50% bank loan — if this is the 2nd or subsequent property purchase on top of an outstanding mortgage loan; eg, currently servicing a HDB loan.
(We have a panel of professional mortgage bankers from various banks who can give you the best possible loan package for The INFLORA. Contact me for more info)

CPF Minimum Sum: Purchasers for The INFLORA have to note that if this is the 2nd or subsequent property purchase that utilises your CPF funds, its mandatory to set aside the minimum sum of $69,500 (before July 2013) in your OA + SA. More info: CPF Board

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